AT ITS Planning and Property Meetings last night Hedon Town Council discussed a variety of issues, including:

  • It was noted that the planning permission applications relating to The Potters Cabin on Market Place had been approved by the East Riding Council.
  • Extending Skate Park - on agenda
    Extending Skate Park – on agenda

    Draft Local Plan – The council would be sending three representations as part of the East Riding Council consultation, in addition they would send a statement supporting the response made by Preston Parish Council which detailed that land allocated to the North of the village was unsuitable for house building. It was feared that there would be the prospect of greater flooding risk in Hedon if housing was built on land which was part of the natural drainage system in the wider area.

  • Memorial to World War II air-raid victims. Research was continuing on those who had died – and where they had actually died. The council is planning to locate a framed memorial parchment to the victims in the Town Hall.
  • Elsie Gate field – The council would be inviting an aborculturist (tree expert) to report on the site. A risk assessment would be carried out on any possible dangers that might arise from the state of a nearby accessible slope. A regular maintenance regime for the site would be drawn up.
  • New allotments, Ivy Lane – The council was investigating the possibility of using land adjacent to Hedon cemetery as a site for new allotments. Access to any new allotments would be via Elsie Gate field or the ‘horse field’. There was some disagreement as to the suitability of the site for the intended purpose. Further discussion was deferred until the next Property meeting.
  • New Toilets for the disabled – Discussion took place on these facilities and on upgrading the existing toilets. This joint project between the Town Hall and the Alexandra Hall, who share the toilets, had stalled. The council was waiting for a response from the Alexandra Hall Committee about the project, the costs of which are believed to be over £24,000.

  • Skate Park – A consultation session was to be arranged with the young people who had lobbied for the new facilities which would extend the existing park near Draper’s Lane. The consultation would also involve representatives from neighbouring Holderness Grange. Options for the look and appearance of the new skate park, along with the likely costs, would be presented at the consultation session.
  • Coronation celebrations – An agenda item was to be tabled to consider how the town might celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation in June 2013. One suggestion was for a new clock for the Town Hall.
  • Community Noticeboard – This would be ready to be installed in the next two weeks. The council newsletter will appeal for local community groups to use it to promote their activities and events.

As well as the above matters, it was also revealed at the meeting, that the company behind the new commercial development promising 750 jobs at a location in ‘East Hull’ – believed by some people to refer to land owned by Hull City Council near to Hedon – had met with East Riding Council planning officers yesterday. Speculation in the media had suggested a new bio-mass and food-related factory might be earmarked for the old Hedon aerodrome site, but there has been no confirmation from Hull City Council about what is proposed and where.

Report based on attending the meetings as part of the South West Holderness parish council news coverage – Ray Duffill

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  1. Allotments on Ivy Lane – update: At its Property Meeting on 11th April, Hedon Town Council agreed not to pursue its investigations into creating allotments at Ivy Lane, but instead will be looking at sites on Sheriff Highway.

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