TWO YEARS AGO we asked people for help in tracking down who was responsible for a faulty street lamp:

“Hedon Blog readers are asked if they can help solve the mystery of who is responsible for a street light on Heron Close, Hedon which has not worked for over a year.

Janice Edmonds first reported the light to East Riding Council in January 2010 after noticing it had not been working for months. They said “it’s not ours” and a local housing association was probably responsible. She reported it on FixMyStreet and got the same response from the East Riding Council.

After speaking to neighbours about who might be possible local landlords, Janice has contacted both North British Housing and Sanctuary Housing who both claimed “it’s not ours”.

Janice asked if the Hedon Blog could help in March 2010 – but, despite having the whole of the internet to track down the elusive landlord, ‘Sherlock Blog’ couldn’t help.

Janice has recently made a further call to the East Riding Council who suggested contacting Hedon Town Council… who in turn suggested contacting East Riding Council!

Janice  is quite rightly concerned about dark spots and feeling safe when returning home on a night and feels frustrated that she can’t find who to report the problem to: “Everyone I speak to is very polite and willing to help, but it seems nobody can. It’s always a case of ‘it’s not ours!”” – Feb 12th 2011

The matter was even raised in the East Riding Council Elections in May 2011 when Janice asked – then a candidate – John Dennis to help, but again the same run-around of who was responsible ensued from the authorities!

Well, the latest news is… the lamp bulb has been replaced and the light on Heron Close is working!

We caught the moment when the East Riding van changed the lamp!

Heron Close lamp replacement 8th March 2013
Hallelujah moment on Heron Close!

Not wanting to be in any way sarcastic… but hallelujah!

Of course after three years without a lamp outside their bedroom window, we now hope that the neighbouring residents are not uncomfortably affected!?

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