Parking having your sayHEDON MARKET PLACE: A resident has contacted the Hedon Blog following the discussion on Market Hill Car Parking. She is frustrated by what she regularly sees at the Market Place.

“Around 1pm (on a Thursday – Ed) I drove through Market Place and there was an elderly couple on front of me going slow obviously looking for a parking space. They got to outside Nutmegs and a car was pulling out so the couple indicated to go in. A Hedon taxi was parked in front of parked cars and decided to nick the space for himself. Poor couple put their hands up in anger to him and had to drive off.

Four taxi cars were now parked in front of the parade of shops. If they are not parked in these rare spaces they are parked on the pavement in front of their office. Countless times I have witnessed people struggling to get past with prams etc., and I’ve also had to push my pram on the road to get past them.”

Blog Note: We discussed this with a local Councillor at the Street Surgery on Saturday and it’s clear that Hedon Town Council is aware of this and other parking issues in the town.

Councillors are due to raise the Market Hill parking issue at the Hedon Town Council meeting on Thursday 14th February.

3 thoughts on “More parking frustration claims resident

  1. What i find annoying is the number of people who park outside the shops along the left, co-op etc, this is supposed to be double yellows but everyone thinks it’s ok for them to ignore the markings!! Also people who block others in infront of the shops, thinking it’s ok they’re only going to be a minute. Theses plenty of parking spaces if people can be bothered to walk from johnsons corner

    1. If the shopkeepers and employees parked in johnsons corner. This would free up about 30 plus spaces in queens car park , you are only aloud to park there for 3 hour but they are there all day. It’s not fair on your customers you’re only hurting your own business .

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