THESE PHOTOS were taken yesterday (11th December 2012) between 1.55pm and 2:40pm and shows the vapour-mist formed as a result of the vapour from the Vivergo Fuels plant adding to that already coming from the Saltend Chemicals Park.

At one point a visible fog descended over the fields towards Paull and as the wind changed it headed towards Hedon and obscured BP in the process.

The photos records my journey towards Saltend and back again within a 50 minute period.

There is no suggestion that the haze from the vapour was anything but harmless – and it didn’t smell! It would have formed as the hot vapour hit the freezing air. And it is possible that it was exacerbated by a genuine fog bank; but it certainly appeared to be the case that the mist over the fields and Hedon came from the vapour release.

The last picture shows the gentle mist softening the view of St Augustine’s Church. Most people in Hedon and Paull would have assumed it was a normal mist.

Ray Duffill

Saltend Vapour 1
Approaching Saltend Chemicals Park
Saltend Vapour 2
Vapour forming from towers and chimneys

Saltend Vapour 3

Saltend Vapour 4

Saltend Vapour 5 - haze over Eastern fields
Mist formed over nearby fields
Saltend Vapour 6 - haze over BP
BP towers obscured
Saltend Vapour 6 - haze over Hedon
Mist softens image of Church

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  2. Love the photo of the church in the mist – apparently, according to my step father yesterday driving down the A63, the top of the Humber Bridge was visible above the fog which was quite eerie.

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