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New Community Notice Board as tribute to Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL is to provide a new Community Notice Board for the Marketplace as a tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

The noticeboard, subject to final decisions, is likely to be triangular in design with three faces for notices. It will be carved from oak and will include a plaque commemorating Queen Elizabeth II and her 60 years on the throne. The whole appearance of the noticeboard will be in keeping with Hedon’s status as an ancient, market town.

It will be located on the paved area next to the car-parking bays (near Cooplands Bakery). This is the same location traditionally reserved for the Hedon Christmas Tree and the noticeboard will be removed each year to make way for it.

The noticeboard, although paid for by the council, will be for community use and not council use – it is likely to be inscribed Community Noticeboard prominently (rather than Hedon Town Council as depicted in the sketch).

It would be used for information, posters and leaflets about community events and activities in the town.

Note: The council has its own notice boards affixed to the Town Hall where you can find out about Hedon Town Council meetings and agendas.

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