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Elsie Gate field – a gift to Hedon Town Council?

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL has received an offer of a gift to take over the ownership of Elsie Gate field down Ivy Lane, Hedon.

The field is well-known to walkers and ramblers in the area and the ‘Elsie Gate’ itself is popularly photographed.

Elsie Gate field is under the charitable Trusteeship of the Hedon Preservation Trust which was constituted in September 1984 with the aims of protecting, and improving features of historic or public interest in Hedon.

The charity lists three trustees, one of whom is Neil Black who is a Councillor on Hedon Town Council. It was Councillor Black who said last night (11th October 2012) at a Town Council Meeting, that the Trust had originally been set up to preserve the green space land and prevent it from being built on.

Hedon Town Council is currently exploring the option of taking on the ownership of the land and studying what the public benefits and liabilities might be. The council is already currently responsible as landowner for two fields off Ivy Lane, the Cemetery and Watson Park.

The Hedon Preservation Trust is also known as the Hedon Navigation Trust which has a vision to bring water back into Hedon Haven and create a wildlife and leisure amenity.

1 thought on “Elsie Gate field – a gift to Hedon Town Council?

  1. I think this is a brilliant proposal. Hedon Council has a reputation for fighting to preserve open space within the town boundaries against the excesses of developers and sometimes planners. They look after the land in their ownership and full marks to the gardeners they employ who do an excellent job cheerfully and enthusiastically. Go for it, Hedon TC.

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