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We’ve had a Facelift!

ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED for August this year, the Hedon Blog has had a belated facelift.

The new theme has a special top ‘post slider’ on the Home page, which will highlight specific stories and images and will encourage the Hedon Bloggers to make better use of photos.

The current header is a temporary picture derived from the photograph on this page – minus the Saltend Chemicals Park which was ‘airbrushed’ out for the image!

We are looking for a new Header Image – dimensions 580 pixels width, by 150 pixels tall.

Linda Hinchcliffe has designed our previous two header banners and has always done a fantastic job. One of our original banners is also below.

If you would like to submit a new Banner Masthead for the Hedon Blog which sums up the phrase ‘All about Hedon’ – then e-mail it to us at hedonblog@gmx.com and while there are no prizes, your design will be seen by tens-of-thousands during the course of 2012 – 2013.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the new Post Slider on the Home Page, the new (temporary) header nor the Sidebar can be seen fully on some mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc).

If you cannot see these features on your device, could drop off a comment and let us know please, and tell us which device you are using.

3 thoughts on “We’ve had a Facelift!

  1. Unfortunately the new Post Slider on the Home Page, the new (temporary) header nor the Sidebar can be seen fully on some mobile deveices (phones, tablets). If you cannot see these features on your device, could drop off a comment and let us know please.



  2. Hi, hope you don’t mind me making a small suggestion. I’m loving the new look already but for past stories I’d only go back maybe six months or even four months as it takes ages to scroll down to the very bottom. Then again thinking about it you’d only scroll further down if there was a particular older story that you wanted to read as all the new ones are at the top. Anyway it’s just a suggestion and it’s looking good 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments Linda. There is a Archives search farther down the sidebar which allows you to search by a particular month of the year – but it needs better placement on the site.

      The general Search bar at the top allows you to search by key word.

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