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THE HEDON BLOG’S PARENT website, HU12, has developed its own particular audience. The website caters for those involved in civic society in this postal code area. It will be of particular interest to those voluntary and small-business people active in community affairs.

In February the following issues recorded the most interest on HU12:

Join the Revolution calls the Co-operative – But can we?
This comments on the launch of the Co-op’s new radical corporate  ethical plan. With three co-op outlets in the area then can we all gain from this?

The Big Society Business Plan
There’s been lots of talk about the “Big Society”. Here the Government sets out its plans for this.

Organising a Royal Wedding Street Party
A useful link to the definitive guide for organising a street gala on Royal Wedding day in April.

Councillors and “Hyperlocal” Websites
Local councils have begun to realise that websites like the Hedon Blog just might be very useful! This lists some of those benefits.

Top Council Pay and Consultancy Fees
Freedom of Information requests reveal some very interesting facts that perhaps councils would have liked to have kept hidden!?

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