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Fairy Tale Snow!

IN A “FAIRY TALE MOMENT” it began to snow at the switch on of Hedon’s Christmas Lights last night!

Thanks must go to the groups that set up stalls and other activities, and also to Hedon Town Council for creating a fantastic winter wonderland event in the town centre. And how on Earth did you manage to book the snow!?

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Snow!

  1. Yes another success story for the town council…well done everyone involved.
    However there is one little complaint, what happened to all the retailers, most had not even bothered opening, and why put all those rides and stuff in front of those retailers that did bother to open, im sure ive said this before but why dont we utilise Market hill for these events, the rides could be up there and stalls leading right the way up to market hill from the square, this may encourage retailers to open, and what about more lights strung across the street…The event may now be too big for just main street, it was absolutely crammed at times.
    good luck for next year

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