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Posh Place for Pooches in Preston

THE WOOFLES is a 5 Star hotel with a difference! The luxury accommodation on Acey Lane, Preston – is for dogs!

We deserve the best on our holiday!

The 1.6 acre dog hotel is a state of the art kennels complex where you can leave your best doggy friend while you go on holiday. The hotel boasts individual rooms with under floor heating and air conditioning. Music can be piped through into each of the rooms. And for playful pooches there is an indoor play area with soft play toys and bubble machine.

Bath time is a big moment in any dog’s life, but Woofles has a special Grooming Parlour with hydraulic bath. The resin floors are anti-slip and perfect for paws as some dogs dis-like tiled flooring.

For those dog-owners that are missing their best-friends, then Woofles provides a text messaging service which can keep you updated on their latest adventures. Some of the rooms even have webcams installed so owners can keep an eye on their pets via the internet.

And of course food is particularly important to dogs on holidays, so Woofles has its own kitchen dedicated to providing each individual dog with its favourite culinary delight.

Find out more at the Woofles Hotel Website.

Source: BBC Humber

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