IN A PRESS RELEASE issued today (12th July 2010), the East Riding of Yorkshire Council have pledged to continue to respond to residents’ concerns about odours from Yorkshire Water’s waste treatment facility at Saltend.

Environmental health officers from East Riding Council have had an ongoing dialogue with Yorkshire Water – the body responsible for the site and any odours which come from it. They say that various improvements on site have been put in place including a ‘medium term odour mitigation plan’.

The Council has claimed that the intensive monitoring programme carried out by the council’s environmental health officers has showed that the work done so far appears to have made an improvement, although further longer term improvements would still be beneficial.

The Council has been has been further advised that Yorkshire Water has secured funding approval from water regulator Ofwat for longer term investment to further improve the control of odours from the facility.

On Tuesday, July 20, the council’s cabinet will consider a report which recommends the council write to Yorkshire Water to ensure that the further improvements are put in place.

Councillor Jane Evison, portfolio holder for cultural services, housing and public protection, said:

Although improvements have been made to the waste water treatment plant we will continue to engage with Yorkshire Water to ensure they undertake the longer term improvements as soon as possible.”

The report also confirms that the council will continue to monitor complaints as well as Yorkshire Water’s progress with improvements.

Mr Tom Phillips, Yorkshire Water’s Central Case Manager, said recently:

While it’s difficult for us to keep the odours within the boundary fence, we’re working very hard to reduce the impact that the odours have upon local residents in the area. This has involved substantial investment in an odour control unit (OCU) which our records (and those of the local Environmental Health department) show has improved the situation.

The Hull and Saltend news on Yorkshire Water’s website has not been updated since March this year. However, if you do detect any further odours from site, then Mr Phillips has said that he can be called directly on Bradford number 01274 804015. That way, Yorkshire Water can investigate any odours immediately.

The official number to call is customer services helpline on 0845 1 24 24 24, but one local resident has claimed that finding the correct number to call, and then getting through to someone via this number has often been difficult.

The Hedon Blog will pass on local residents’ complaints about odours from the waste water facility – just post the details (time and location) as a comment below any article.

3 thoughts on “End of the Saltend Smellies?

  1. I live on Greatfield est in Hull, some days depending on which way the wind is blowing we cannot even have our windows open or hang out our washing due to the smell coming from BP. Something does need to be done as we feel as though no-one is interested in what we say or think.

  2. I am reporting the foul smell when you pass the Water plant on Hedon rd. it has been smelling for years and years, turns your stomach when you pass, shame for people who have to work have to work near it. Janice Edmonds

  3. Press Release from the Office of Graham Stuart MP:

    Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness, has met with the new Chief Executive of Yorkshire Water, Richard Flint to discuss plans for a new odour control unit at the Saltend water treatment works.

    Graham said: “While we all agreed there is no silver bullet to solving the problems of bad smells emanating from the works, it is important Yorkshire Water continues to work as hard as possible to minimise the effect on residents.

    “The company made a bid to the regulator Ofwat to be allowed to make the capital investment in the works and I supported that bid.

    “The latest odour control work is due to start at the plant following a scoping exercise to identify exactly what needs doing and is expected to be completed a few months later – I will, however, be keeping in touch with constituents in the area to see if that has worked and keeping the pressure on Yorkshire Water should it be needed.”

    He said: “The new odour control unit is, of course, just part of the solution. Following that there will need to be a constant high quality maintenance and management strategy in place to make sure there are procedures which keep smells to a minimum.”

    He added that the number of complaints lodged by members of the public this year was down on the previous year, but reminded people living in the area to make sure they continued to contact either Yorkshire Water or the East Riding of Yorkshire Council if they were affected by bad smells.

    “I welcome the fact that the number of complaints appears to be down, but it is important Yorkshire Water continue to work with the local community in tackling the problem,” added Graham.

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