UPDATE: Graham Stuart on BBC Radio Humberside reported at 12:30am from Beverley Leisure Centre (where the count is taking place) that he was “quietly confident” about winning.

There was a 67.2% turnout which was up from 64.8% in 2005.


UPDATE: A polling station officer in Alexandra Hall observed that more people had voted (by 1:15pm) than would normally have voted in an whole day in previous ellections!

This suggests that, if reflected across the constituency, the turn-out could be higher than the 64.8% in 2005 and perhaps even higher than the 73.1% in 1997.


THE POLLS HAVE JUST OPENED (7.00am) in the General Election in what the media is saying could be the closest in a generation!

The earliest indication of how people have voted will come at 10:00pm, when polling stations close and any exit polls are released.

Links: Information on local polling stations.

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