ELECTION 2010: THE WEBSITE  TheyWorkForYou.com normally follows the activitires of our MPs; everything they say in parliament, all their interests, which votes they bother to turn up for, and much more. However, during the General Election they have carried out a survey of local election candidates.

It was unfortunate that only three of our local candidates have responded to the survey, but even so the ‘at-a-glance results’ make for interesting reading. Those taking part were:

  • Liberal Democrats Craig Dobson
  • Green Party Bill Rigby
  • Labour Party Ian Saunders

Honest Politicians

The Lib Dem candidate Craig Dobson dis-agreed with the statement that “In general, politicians are honest” whilst Ian Saunders from Labour agreed.


All three candidates strongly disagreed with the notion that “The new British government should begin negotiations to leave the European Union”.

British Troops in Afghanistan

“British troops should stay in Afghanistan as long as they are needed.” Craig Dobson was nuetral on this issue. Bill Rigby of the Greens strongly disagreed. Ian Saunders strongly agreed.


Craig Dobson and Bill Rigby strongly agreed with the statement: “A waste incinerator should not be built at Saltend near Hedon” but Ian Saunders took a nuetral stance. The Hedon Blog will be asking the candidates for further views on this issue.

See the full results at the TheyWorkForYou website. There is still an opportunity for the other candidates to take part in the survey. Candidates can send the Hedon Blog your contact e-mail address and we’ll send the link.

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