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General Election 2010 – Thursday May 6th

GORDON BROWN WILL ANNOUNCE today that the General Election will be called for THURSDAY 6th MAY 2010. He will visit Buckingham Palace seeking the dissolution of Parliament. Parliament would be expected to be dissolved on Monday April 12th. Candidates will have until April 20 to submit their nomination papers and the campaigning will have begun officially!

Of course you could be forgiven that the Election campaign had already started. New and first time voters in Hedon have already been written to by Liberal Democrat Councillors in the ward and the Conservative candidate and sitting MP has placed a full-page advert in the current issue of the Holderness Gazette.

As eplained on its election page, the Hedon Blog hopes to closely follow the election in Beverley and Holderness (the constituency that includes Hedon) and reveal the details of candidates’ plans, policies and perspectives particularly as they relate to the town. It may be possible to convince the candidates to hold a head-to-head debate in Hedon.

If the opinion polls are to be believed then the elections in England could be close so candidates of all parties will be fighting for every single vote – they will be fighting for your vote!

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