THE CREATION OF NEW JOBS is a high priority on the political agenda at the moment. Therefore the announcement by Dong Energy that it plans to build a multi-million pound power station near Queen Elizabeth Dock has been welcomed by politicians from all parties. It has been suggested that the development of the “bio-mass” wood-burning plant could create hundreds of jobs.

It takes a brave person to question the perceived wisdom of the proposed new development and ask ‘akward’ questions. However, John Dennis, local Hedon estate agent, town councillor and HOTI campaigner has done just that.

Speaking to the Hull Daily Mail in his capacity as a Hedon resident Mr Dennis has asked other local people to consider carefully what is being proposed:

I’m sure that the bio-mass plant will be regulated, but it is still about burning stuff and we will be concerned about emissions. There will also be worries over a further increase in traffic, which is a big problem. We would like to see more information and I’m sure it will be at the top of the next Hedon Town Council agenda”

Ian Crummack a spokesman for Dong Energy has announced that the consultation process has started before comprehensive plans have been finalised. The company undoubtedly wants to guage the mood locally and regionally before embarking on a major investment.

The argument in favour of a new inward investment bringing jobs into the area is a powerful one. The production of new renewable energy sources would be another compelling reason to support the proposal. However, John Dennis is right, communities in Hedon need to carefully assess the possible impacts – positive and negative – that any development will have on the town.

Other information:

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