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Government Free Computers Scheme

THOUSANDS OF HOUSEHOLDS are being encouraged to take advantage of the government’s computer Home Access programme.

The scheme is designed to boost the educational achievements of children from lower income families and offers the chance to claim free computers and internet access.

Computer and internet skills are becoming increasingly important and in many jobs they’re absolutely essential.

The Home Access programme will provide more than a quarter of a million families with children aged 7 to 14 with the right to apply for grants to buy computers and online connections.

If you are a low income family and in receipt of certain benefits (see Information for Parents) you could qualify. Have a look at the Home Access website to check if you’re eligible for a grant.

3 thoughts on “Government Free Computers Scheme

  1. I phoned up and applied for a laptop for my daughter back in July but was told that she is still in year 2 needs to be in year 3 even though she was 7 years old, they told me to ring back in september to which i have now been told that the scheme has finished. Its children like my daughter who does not have much but really are trying there hardest at school that do deserve it. I knw others that have got one for there kids and don’t even allow them to use it or spend more time on it then there kids. My daughter is devasted cause her friends have got one and are learning new things everyday. i should never of been told to call sept and applie then if the scheme was not still going ahead. I was told the scheme was going to finish in febuary. Its always easier to break the heart of people on low incomes just by making a promise and then breaking it. When i asked the person on the phone so whos going to break my daughters heart and tell her she cannot have a laptop he laughed yes he laughed and said thats not our problem. I am disgusted at how we have been treated. My daughter too deserves to progress to the best of her abilities how can she do that if she is seeing the whole divide on some people getting and others not.

  2. has the goverment computer scheme finished,mine and my friends 02 mobile dongle has ceased working,now the children cant do there school work.any information would be apreciated.thanks..

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