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Patient opinions improve local NHS

IMPROVING YOUR LOCAL N.H.S. (National Health Service) and the services it provides is in all our interests. Everyone at some stage in their lives will need the help of the N.H.S.

Patient Opinion is a service that uses your experiences and stories of using health services in order to help other patients and bring about improvements. By simply sharing your opinion on what was good and what could have been better can have a dramatic affect on services.

You can view what others are saying about your local hospitals and health services. But importantly you can very easily add your story, compliment, concern or experience of a particular service in four quick and easy steps.

You have to provide your post code, e-mail address and give a first name which can be a nickname and tick boxes to indicate what your story is about. You will be asked for a password which will allow you to access the website in the future. It is a simple and quick process.

Your story is then looked at by Patient Opinion and the story published unless it contravenes their terms and conditions. Patient Opinion ensures that your story is seen by the right Managers and professionals in your local NHS that can make a difference to services provided.

Example of a story posted on Patient Opinion by Daisy Day Care (as the patient’s nickname) about Castle Hill Hospital

What I liked: I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff who made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. It was my first time ever under general anaesthetic, i was never left alone and a special thanks to the nurse who was lovely, kind,caring and had to endure me babbling rubbish and asking for a beer when i came around (sorry). I left feeling very assured that i had been in safe and professional hands and when i return for further treatment i will have no worries or anxiety. Thankyou all for you’re care.”

The following links give further information about what patients, carers and others are saying about local hospital services:

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Patient opinions can also be shared over the phone on tel: 0845 113 0012.

Other useful information: NHS Choices

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