Stone Creek Silk Website Banner
Stone Creek Silk Website Banner

Hedon Museum plays host to a unique exhibition of hand printed silks created by local craft company Stone Creek Silk.

Stone Creek Silk are based in Sunk Island in the East Riding and their website contains everything you want to know about the craft of printing on silk. There is a very interesting series of website pages About Silk which explains how silk is made and the history of silk making.

Commercial silk is most commonly produced by the Mulberry Silk Moth. It was possibly ‘discovered’ in 2640 B.C. by the Chinese princess Xi Ling Shi – apparently she accidently dropped a Mulberry moth cocoon into a hot cup of tea and pulled it out as a mesh of silky threads.

Catch the exhibition at Hedon Museum between now and November 14th 2009.

Hedon Museum is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 10am – 4pm.

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