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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder support group in East Yorkshire

OCD Action logoIn a letter in the current edition of the Holderness Gazette Christopher W. Fox from Driffield offers to set up an OCD support group in the East Riding.

OCD is short for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and is the name given to a condition in which people experience repetitive, upsetting and even frightening thoughts or behaviours.

The obsessions are characterised by involuntary thoughts or impuses that people are unable to get rid of. These compel people to carry out an action to reduce the anxiety or stress they feel. People can have compulsions without having obsessional thoughts but, very often, these two occur together. Carrying out a compulsion reduces the person’s anxiety and makes the urge to perform the compulsion again stronger each time.

OCD is more common than people realise with up to two people in every hundred being a sufferer.

Christopher would like to hear from anyone who would like to join the group whether they suffer from OCD or knows a relative or friend who does. He would also like to hear from any venues in the region that would be willing to host meetings.

If you would like information on OCD then contact OCD Action.

For support and information on OCD or to leave a message for Christopher W. Fox then ring OCD Action on Tel: 0845 390 6232 or Tel: 020 7253 2664.

E-mail: support@ocdaction.org.uk

OCD Action has a Blog which reveals the realities of living with the condition and also has thriving Forum pages.

Source: Holderness Gazette

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