The Government’s official statistics website is available via and contains all the official information held about a particular area. See neighbourhood summary for my area of Hedon.

What can we glean from this information? Well, not very much in my opinion (although your opinion will be determined by WHAT you are looking for). The area is nearer to the “most deprived” rather than “least deprived” of England’s 32,482 neighbourhoods. Of the area’s 1,299 residents in 2006, 31% were claiming some form of benefit. Lots of statistical information is available but will probably be of more interest to researchers and politicians.

Another service that helps you review an area is Up My Street. A search for HU12 revealed the following local area information.

The site characterises Hedonians thus:

These families often live in relatively large detached houses and have a long time left on their mortgage. However they have good incomes, and feel able to afford such long term commitments. These individuals are likely to be in their 30s, and tend to be professionals and managers with company pensions and company health care. They drive to work in company cars.

Hmmm…. not really convinced about this!! However, the website does have a “Find my nearest…” facility and had no problem finding my nearest drinking holes and Chinese Take-away.

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