This website – as well as giving me a blogging hobby – does seem to have identified a gap in Hedon. That is the lack of an online presence for the town.

The Town Council website attempts to do this and does feature quite highly in a Google search – after the HEDON Household Energy Network and Hedonism (yes – some unfortunate misunderstandings can be made when contemplating a visit to this family-friendly Hedon Blog!). However, the Town Council site is not updated regularly and does not cover all aspects related to the town. It also lacks a comment facility allowing genuine interactivity with readers.

So is there room for a new website HEDON ONLINE or HU12 ONLINE that intends to bring really ‘hyper-local’ information to the inhabitants and visitors to Hedon? Such a service could feature news items directly affecting the town, information on public, business and voluntary services available. Everything town related – from the timings of the local free ASDA bus, the chemist opening hours, to the entertainment at the local pubs – could be covered.

Those residents with issues to share, complaints and compliments to make about services, with stories to tell about the town and its character would find a platform to debate these and collaborate and network with other residents.

All in all it could be a one-stop-shop on everything about Hedon?

So should such a site be created? Would the people of Hedon engage with it?

During the next few months I intend to explore the feasibility of launching such a site, its promotion, maintenance and potential developments as the internet itself develops over the next few years.

But what do you think? This site’s readers number only in the dozens but  your participation in the straw poll is requested – please help.

Leave a comment. You need to leave your FULL NAME.

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