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Public Meeting – Preston Traffic Campaigners. ERYC Conservative Group issues statement

PRESTON traffic campaigners are holding a Public Meeting to consider next steps. Meanwhile, the Conservative Group have issued a statement.

PRESTON traffic and safety campaigners are holding a Public Meeting in the village to consider their next steps. Meanwhile, the Conservative Group on East Riding of Yorkshire Council have issued a statement about the South West Holderness traffic issue.

The public meeting has been called following the particular problems in the village being raised at the full meeting of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council last week.

The Public Meeting takes place on Thursday 21 October 2021 at 7pm at the Preston Community Hall.

The meeting poster reads:


Following on from the success of the recent protest against rat-runners, we need to up our game and try to get the message through to East Riding of Yorkshire County Council that we have had enough of them agreeing to developments that will cause even more traffic to come through the village with no appreciable benefit for the community.

The public meeting will discuss where we go from here. We need ideas and reasonable suggestions as to how we can move forward and let ERYCC know that we mean business!!

Contact: prestontrafficgroup@gmail.com.

The Conservative Group on East Riding Council have taken the unusual step of issuing a media statement relating to the South West Holderness traffic issues:

Local East Riding Councillors, John Dennis, Sue Steel and David Winter, Ward Members for South West Holderness (SWH) questioned the Leader of the East Riding Council, Councillor Jonathon Owen, at the Full Council meeting on Wednesday 6 October about the increasing number of housing and industrial developments in the SWH area.

They are concerned about the impact on quality of life for SWH residents which has by far the largest allocation of industrial land in the East Riding. A number of large planning applications have been approved over the last couple of years with more to be considered soon. These will bring the added burden of additional HGV and other traffic to the area and are likely to be the final straw for the residents of the small historic village of Preston.

The three Ward Members have, for months, called for a significant review of traffic in the area, taking into consideration the planned new developments, with special attention being given to narrow roads through the Preston traffic light-controlled crossroads. This already overburdened junction is currently designated as the strategic route for HGVs into and out of the rural area of Holderness.

The residents of Preston and many outlying villages, plus the town of Hedon, already endure more delays in the Preston village centre than most other locations and suffer the inevitable congestion caused by these troublesome traffic lights.

In responding to the questions from the Ward Councillors and also a question raised by Pat Ferguson, Chair of the Preston Traffic Group, the Leader stated that the problems being experienced were no more significant than those in some other areas of the East Riding, although the Leader did agree that some roads were not suitable for HGVs.

Councillor Sue Steel said, “I would have liked a slightly more reassuring response from the Council to our concerns over the traffic situation in Preston. I appreciate that other villages and towns in the East Riding also suffer from traffic issues, but this should not be a reason for doing nothing to alleviate the situation in Preston. The historic village of Preston was never designed for traffic let alone the numerous HGVs, school buses and increasingly large farm
vehicles and the problem is likely to get worse with the planned industrial developments and new housing developments underway.”

Councillor Owen in his response also suggested that bypasses can create other problems as they encourage an increase in traffic. However, it was agreed that a strategic traffic review be undertaken. Councillor David Winter stated, “I very much hope, as part of this review, that a Link Road for Preston will be given serious consideration.”

Councillor John Dennis stated “I was keen to ask Councillor Owen about HGV emissions and how the effects of diesel fumes on residents’ health are adding to the crisis and was pleased to hear that the Authority will procure a sufficient number of sophisticated ‘state of the art’ sensors which can identify levels of airborne HGV emissions in narrow thoroughfares. Some houses have no front garden and are within only a few feet of these enormous lorries as their engines idle at the lights for several minutes then accelerate away leaving a blanket of thick smoke.”

PRESS RELEASE by the Conservative Group.
Photo issued by ERYC Conservative Group.

Councillor John Dennis said additionally: “We 3 Ward Members were determined, by supporting Pat’s efforts, to show the strength of feeling within the community and the region generally and that we are not deterred by the negative reaction we’ve had so far. HGV’s are a real problem, not only to village residents but to commuters for miles around as they try to negotiate the congestion in the village centre. What damage there is to the health of residents alongside this busy route we are yet to discover.

“We are on the list for a sophisticated emissions sensor to be erected in School Road early in the new year after I requested one from ER Environmental Services a while back. It can tell us exactly what people are breathing in and the real effects on their health.

“In the long run however we feel that the problems will only be solved by removing the HGV’s altogether from the troublesome traffic lights in the centre of the village.”

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