“Yaaay! Challenge done!” Yvonne Billany – Photo by Colin.

Challenge done! Yvonne Billany has completed her ‘step challenge’ raising money for St. Augustine’s Church in Hedon. Using her step machine she has walked the equivalent of 2km every day during the 30 days of April. Yvonne, who experiences life with MS (multiple sclerosis), set out with the modest task of raising £250. However, the generosity of people from the church, via sponsor forms and online, means the total raised is nearing £1,200.

Colin Billany, the Hedon Mayor, is extremely proud of his wife. But, he says, it was not always an easy task for her. “Yvonne is glad to have finished her challenge as towards the end she was feeling so unwell. She felt that she was going to fail. She also feels humbled to have raised a total of nearly £1,200. It was only expected to raise a couple of hundred pounds. So she would like to thank everyone who has donated money and given her such wonderful support. She feels that St. Augustine’s church is a vital part of the community. It needs to be helped to ensure that it can continue in that role.

“I’m so proud of Yvonne as it was her determination to finish the challenge that got her over the line. I knew, that once she had it in her head, she would complete the challenge. Just like she did a few years ago when she did a sponsored swim for the MS society.”

The Rev. Dr Sue Pulko the vicar at St. Augustine’s said: “It was a wonderful effort on Yvonne’s part. It’s great that people were so generous in support of her and St Augustine’s. Well done Yvonne!’

The fundraising campaign will continue until the end of Colin Billany’s term as the 673rd Hedon Mayor on 20 May.


2km of the challenge took place in the church. Rev. Sue and Colin in the background.

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