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Sunday is our “Five Photo Funday!”

JUST for the sheer fun of it, we’re making Sunday our Five Photo Funday!

We aim to publish sets of five photos on a Sunday which in some way are linked to Hedon. This might be five photos which are linked or themed in some way, or perhaps just a random set. No rules except the set of five photos must have a something to do with Hedon and district – it’s just an opportunity to have some photographic fun on a Sunday. We aim to build a really good album of photographs.

Send your photos and captions to hedonblog@gmx.com or send them via our Facebook Page please clearly mark ‘5 Photo Sunday’.


Hedon Mayors on Parade. Five photos selected by Tom Bond.

These are: 1. Coun. Hilda Ives, Armistice Day c. 1990.   2. Coun. Christine McLaren, Civic Service, c. 1990   3. Coun. Michael Bryan, Yorkshire Day 2008. 4. Coun. Brenda Goldspink, Yorkshire Day 2010.    5. Coun. John Dennis, Armistice Day 2014.


As many church services are being held today (Sunday 12th June 2016) to mark the Queen’s 90th Birthday, it is timely to look back at the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebration parade that took place in Hedon 1977. Sent in for our Five Photo Sunday series by Tom Bond.


A selection of bridges in the area presented by Tom Bond .

No. 1 is the old bridge over the drain on the Saltend to Paull Road. Demolished in the 1970’s. No. 2 is a view of the bridge on Hedon to Paull Road when the bypass was being built, in 1987 or thereabouts. No. 3 is Thorn Road Bridge in the floods of 2007. No. 4 is Love Lane Bridge in 2008 and No. 5 is Drypool Bridge.

01 Paull Road bridge, Saltend
No. 1. The old bridge over the drain on the Saltend to Paull Road. Demolished in the 1970’s.
02 Building Paull Road Bridge
No. 2. A view of the bridge on Hedon to Paull road when the bypass was being built, in 1987 or thereabouts.
03 June 2007
No. 3. Thorn Road Bridge in the floods of 2007.
04 2008
No. 4. Love Lane Bridge in 2008.
05 Drypool Bridge
No. 5. Drypool Bridge.


Flowers: All found on the trails and walks around Hedon:

Miniature white flowers
Blue flowers yellow inner cu
White flowers again
Wild garlic
Fairy seeds - all gone (nearly).
Buttercup and dandelion meadow
Buttercup and dandelion ‘meadow’ Drapers Lane.


Janet Bucknall has a close up look at St. Augustine’s Church in Hedon… AND spells the word Hedon! Marvellous! 😀

Janet 2Janet 3aJanet 4aJanet 5Janet 1


A view from Paull – Jim Uney.


Our Five Photo Sunday set today is also published here to promote our new Photo of the Day project launched yesterday on HU12 Online – we invite readers to take part.


Historic Haven ArmsQ. So what is missing here – in this photo of historic Haven Arms?…


Five photos about promoting Yarn-Fest at HedFest!


Our Five Photos this Sunday shows some teaser photographs (the actual items are much more beautiful) from the Kate Dennett collection of handkerchiefs currently exhibited under the title “A Glance Through History” at the Hedon Museum until Wednesday 30th March 2016.

The Museum is open 10 am – 4 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


THESE residents of Hull Road, Hedon are obviously having lots of fun! Jim Uney has sent these marvellous photos in – plus his whimsical comments. Many, many thanks, Jim. Readers will find these nostalgic and delightful!

If anyone can help with the unknown names, or perhaps tell us what the events were, and when they took place – that would be fantastic! Please leave comments at Hull Road residents nostalgia photos.

An off the cuff tug of war event, considering some of the lads are not dressed to pull… but thinking again, maybe some of them are!
Beauty competition Hull Rd residents
This is maybe why the gents above were in such fine attire? If the photo was taken the same day. From left to right, are: 1 Pauline Ellis, 2 Biddy Metcalfe, 3 Margaret Thaxter, 4 Kathy Bogg, 5 Shirley Bogg, 6 Audrey Raven, 7 Ann Kirkwood, 8 Unknown.
Hats Hull Rd residents
Front row: Mrs Wiltshire, Mrs Boyd, Mrs Ellis, Margaret Thaxter, Mrs Cripps, Valerie Robson, Mrs Green, Mrs Jackson. Back row: Mr Bill Baker, Mr Tanton, Mr Tom Ellis, Mr Ted Hutchinson, Mr Art Boyd, Mr Rob Robson, Mrs Robson, Mr Ron Wiltshire, Mr Green, Mr Foster?
Hull Rd residents
Front Row: 1, 2 ,3, unknown, 4 Ann Meadley, 5 Mary Brooks, 6 and 7, unknown. 2nd row from the front: 1Ray Sangan?, 2 Hillary Baker, 3 Rod Sangan or Alan Simpson, 4 Joan Sangan, 5 Valerie Crane, 6 Wendy Bogg, 7 Unknown, 8 Christine Acey, 9 Unknown.10 Unknown. 3rd row from the front: 1 Unknown, 2 Mrs Ellis, 3 Unknown, 4 Ann Boyd, 5 Kath Ellis?, 6 Unknown, 7 Molly Wiltshire, 8 Unknown, 9 Mrs Lummis, 10, Unknown. 4th row: 1 Unknown, 2 Tom Ellis, 3 Mrs Hutchinson, 4 Mrs Simpson, 5, Mrs Kitching, 6Mrs Jackson, 7 Mrs Robson, 8 Mr D Baker. Back Row: 1Mr T Hutchinson, 2 Mr Ron Wiltshire, 3 Dennis Jackson, 4 and 5 Unknown, and 6 Mr Rob Robson.
“Ladies trying out the first purpose built Whirlygig clothes dryer!” Hmm… yes, Jim.

With grateful thanks to Maud, Audrey, Ann and Sheila for providing names to faces – Jim Uney.


These photos for “Five Photo Sunday” were prompted for this page by the experience of the last meeting of the Hedon Photographic Group which discussed ‘Night Photography’ – it reminded me that I’d been taking photographs at sun-down for some time now.

This set actually breaks the one rule I’ve set about these Sunday Photos i.e. must be to do with Hedon – as well as Hedon, the shots feature scenes whilst walking to Paull and Burstwick – but, hey, I am the Editor!


This set has been sent in by Tom Bond. The photos record the traditional Hedon Mayor’s Civic Parades that took place in the early 1970’s. They open in random order.


AFTER more than 1,000 years the Danes are back with a long-term base in the area – and it seems we can’t get enough of them with the new Netto store having been very busy since opening on Thursday 21st January 2016. These photos for our “Five Photo Sunday” series records the first customers welcomed into the new Hedon Netto store on Hull Road, Preston South.


This week is a set of historical photos submitted by Jim Uney depicting Hedon Brickyard and staff fancy dress event. Jim says: 

“As far as  I can remember, the Brickyard was located to the rear of the row of houses (Hull Road) with the shop at the Hedon end, and would have been in operation up to and including the 1940s. On photo no 5, the boy depicting the boxer is dressed as Bruce Woodcock, a lad from Doncaster who became British Heavyweight Champion  in 1945. He   was admired for his  bravery, especially so in 1947 during his fight with Joe Baksi who dropped him three times in the first round and twice more in the second. He managed to carry on until the seventh when the ref stopped the fight.
Bruce was vulnerable to cut eyes, a badly cut eye resulted in his World title fight with Lee Savold being  stopped in the 4th.
“Is that a young Peter Robson I can see in the background, also on photo number 5?”

We’ve added a bonus sixth shot to Jim’s five showing a postcard aerial shot of the brick works:


This first five to get us started (by the Editor) have been shared via Flickr photo sharing which is another way to get them to us – send us the links.

Can you see a tortoise in this textured wall down Wayfbain, Hedon? Or is it me going mad!?
Robin Ivy Lane
Robins can almost certainly be spotted down Ivy Lane, Hedon. Or should that be ‘red-breasted’ rather than spotted!
Rainbow over Westlands snip
My view of this morning’s rainbow over Westlands.
Church View Tower
Quiz: So where is this then?
Beacon and Church
Typical beacon and church view.

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