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Friday 14th August at #HedFest15

What’s On & Where? – FRIDAY 14th AUGUST @ #HedFest15

What’s On & Where? – FRIDAY 14th AUGUST @ #HedFest15

reCOGnition @ St Augustine’s Church
6.00-6.30pm Amber Warren
6.40-7.10pm Imogen Hart
7.25-8.00pm Happy Endings
8.10-8.50pm Mark Martindale
9.10-9.55pm Queenan Cox
10.15-11pm Lucy Marshall
11.00pm TRE AMICI

Quiet Riot @ Haven Arms
6.15-6.45pm Bard of Holderness
7.15-7.45pm Velvet Dolls
8.15-8.45pm Breeze
9.15-9.45pm Fire (The Unstoppable Force)
10.15-11pm Black Delta Movement

Cornucopia/Off-the-Road @ Alexandra Hall
6.00-6.30pm Lauren McKee
6.40-7.10pm Living Room Lads
7.25-7.55pm Black Kes
8.10-8.40pm The Ant Farm Collective
9.00-9.30pm Happy Endings
10.00-10.30pm Quick Silver Kings

Behind Closed Doors @ The Queens Head
6.10-6.55pm Nicole Moore
7.10-7.50pm Lee ‘Leeroy’ Wainman
8.20-9.00pm Helter
10.30-11.30pm Velvet Dolls

John Marshall Buzz Comedy @ The Shakespeare Inn
6.10-6.30pm Marilyn Paradise
6.40-7.00pm Simon Bligh
7.10-7:30pm James Alderson
7.40-8.00pm Carl Jones
8.10-8.25pm Josh Smith
8.35-8.50pm Jared Shooter
9.00-9.20pm Marilyn Paradise
9.30-10.00pm Simon Bligh
10.10-10.50pm James Alderson


Disclaimer: The programme may change due to unforseen circumstances. For any inconvenience caused the organisers apologise in advance.

8 thoughts on “Friday 14th August at #HedFest15

  1. Just a general point about HedFest, Ray – who are all these acts? It would have been helpful if the committee had told us what sort of music etc., they performed, then we could make an informed decision about what to see.

    There is a distinct possibility of missing a superb act through lack of information.

    1. Hi Chris – I think that’s quite right. I’ve heard of some, but don’t know a thing about most of those performing. People will look forward to seeing/hearing the acts they know and like, but part of the Festival purpose is, I suppose, about discovering new stuff.
      We have some videos posted by Chris Warkup at the HedFest website at http://hedfest.uk/videos/ which might be useful in getting an idea of some of the acts.
      I think generally the Church is going to be the acoustic set.

  2. Also Holyrood house are hosting a garden party with BBQ, bouncy castle, tombola, stalls, etc, there is a dance troupe performing and a singer in the afternoon. Free entry. All welcome.

  3. What about the station pub in hedon there’s comedy acts on there Friday and Saturday night tickets are still for sale for both nights and plenty of things going on in the afternoons . Bouncy castle and family beer garden

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