THE HEDON BLOG, with a little prompting from me, reported a street light that was constantly on last Monday (in front of St Augustine’s on the footpath between Distaff and Kettlewell Lane). This daylight-burning lamp would seem to be a waste of power, especially at a time when we are all being cajoled into saving energy and money. And quite frankly, to be honest, it just irritates the hell out of me to see money literally burning away.

A little digging around on came up with this useful information regarding street lighting:

  • The East Riding Council is responsible for 38,580 street lights
  • The average wattage of bulb used is 77 watts
  • The annual maintenance cost to the Council is £380,000
  • The annual electricity cost is £1.36m

Perhaps our lamp burning all day in front of the church will not add that much to the overall bill – but I like to think that my timely reporting of the problem is doing some good. It does pay to complain!

Post by Mr Grumpy

One thought on “Did you know… It pays to complain about Street Lighting!

  1. There is another light on 24 hours a day in the Market Place above Occasions card shop, it has been on for weeks.

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