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A Hedon Newsletter – Notice

THE TOWN COUNCIL is looking for a volunteer – or volunteers – to produce a newsletter for Hedon.

Anyone interested in this project should write to the Town Clerk with a summary of their proposals. The necessary printing equipment may be provided.

The Town Clerk, Hedon Town Council, Town Hall, St Augustine’s Gate, HEDON, HU12 9EX. Tel: 01482 898428. E-mail: townclerk@hedon.gov.uk

5 thoughts on “A Hedon Newsletter – Notice

  1. The Hedon blog is excellent, however i still believe there is a need for a hard copy Hedon newsletter/paper, many residents do not use the internet especially the older ones. I have previously thought of running a newsletter/paper relevant to the local area but then there became one available, i believe this was only printed to about 500 copies, Im under the impression this has now ceased to exist. Im thinking maybe now the time is right, what about The Hedon Bugle, expanding to outline vilages in time, with articles and information relevant to the area, but maybe a few fun things like gossi column, crossword , ect, im in talks with a local printer and we hope to make an announcment soon, let me know your thoughts and ideas…
    regards Neil

  2. I thought Hedon already had a newsletter or has that come to an end? You could pick it up from most of the local businesses but had to be quick as it was popular and disappeared off the shelves pretty quickly.
    Also as for online content we have the fabulous Hedon Blog! I check it every day to keep up with the gossip and I love that I can pass on information that I find on it.
    We also have the Holderness Heartbeat magazine which is mainly advertisements and a few jokes which we (Hedon Drama Group) might use in our pantomime (hope thats okay Ed?!)
    Councillor Lindop also provides us with news from the Hedon Town Council which appears on the blog and is a fantastic idea.
    So do we really need another newsletter? I don’t think so.
    Maybe the council should try and support and promote the Hedon Blog and current publications a little more instead.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments, Sarah. Just to let you know that people’s comments on the Hedon Blog are heeded! Just look at the quick reaction from the King’s Head to your comments in October and back in July you sent in your comments by e-mail about the wrong facing bench and now the bench has been turned around.

      So – thank you, Sarah 🙂

  3. A news letter ? Surely they should be looking for on-line content volunteers first (if not already done) . What will this news letter hope to achieve and provid , will it be just one piece of paper which would go straight in the bin for most people? Or would it be a nice mini mag with a round up in words and nice photos of what Hedon is all about, that week?

    Local business could/would then fund the printing with Ads – just see Paul Smith’s work from Beverley! better still ask him for advice!!!


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