THOSE PEOPLE of a curious disposition will have noticed that the old Lockings Solicitors building in St Augustine’s Gate is showing new signs of activity! But who is moving in…?

The Hedon Blog can announce that Lockings will be re-opening its Hedon Office on Monday 1st November 2010.

The office closed at the onset of the current economic downturn and its return will be a major boost to the local economy as well as offering vital local legal services.

Since its absence from the town, Lockings Solicitors has re-branded and become part of a nationwide legal brand becoming Quality Solicitors.

Quality Solicitors Lockings has offices in Hull and Beverley, and in 16 other major cities across the country spanning over 350 locations.

5 thoughts on “The Lockings Solicitors building…

  1. I agree. We welcome Lockings back it was a shame they left and they were missed. Sunlover what are your issues?

  2. This is the second time that I know of that they have closed their office and then returned.

    The first time they did not even have the courtesy to let their clients know they had closed their office.

    So how long will they remain in Hedon before leaving this time.

    They show no commitment to Hedon , only using it when it is adventageous to them and not their clients.

    Would not touch them with a barge pole as they show no loyalty to their clients

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