The Geograph British Isles project aims to represent every square mile of the country through photographs. This – of course – includes Hedon. The project is described briefly below (from Home Page).

What is Geographing?

· It’s a game – how many grid squares will you contribute? ·
· It’s a geography project for the people ·
· It’s a national photography project ·
· It’s a good excuse to get out more! ·
· It’s a free and open online community project for all

Geograph Hedon

If you visit the website and click on the search facility and enter Grid Reference for the centre of Hedon, TA1828 (or a postcode) then the programme brings up the photographs related to those coordinates. Over 4,100 images have already been submitted for Hedon.

The Geograph project is a community project enabling you to register and submit your own photographs. One of the main contributors to Hedon photos is Andy Beecroft. Some of his images are breathtaking.

It’s a good interesting project – and tempting me to pick up the camera I’ve neglected for some time – usually a job that Mrs (David Bailey) Duff takes up with gusto!

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