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Shopping Request Form

This form is a simple shopping request. Obviously, our volunteers time is precious, and shopping at local shops whilst observing social-distancing requirements can take some time, so we want to ensure that we’re helping only those who really need it.

The system works like this:

  1. You make a request to us, and if we can help we’ll let you know, hopefully very quickly, if we can. If we can help, we’ll send you another short online form to complete.
  2. You or the person we are going to help then needs to order and pay for their shopping at local shops and find out when it will be available to be picked up.
  3. Our volunteers will then collect the order and deliver it to the person’s home. We’ll knock on the door, and step back until the order is collected.

PART 1 – SUBMIT and Wait for us to respond:

We will let you know, EITHER: YES we can collect and deliver your order.

OR sorry NO we can not collect and deliver the items.

If you don’t hear from us after sending the form then email us at hu12@gmx.com.

Note: Volunteers have been made aware of the requirements around social-distancing and the Government guidance on helping safely. Your order and other details on you and the person getting the help will only be kept by us for the duration of this service and will then be deleted.