BRIAN STOCKDALE is a candidate standing for Election to Hedon Town Council in the BY-ELECTION held Thursday 6th February 2014.

Brian StockdaleI am standing for Hedon Town Council with my colleague Steve Gallant as Labour Party candidates.

I have been appalled by the carrying ons at the Town Council meetings and outside over recent months. But more than that, the Council is not addressing the urgent needs to improve the town’s facilities. Its time we had some fresh blood and thinking on the Council.

Not having a car, the state of Hedon’s pavements is a big issue for me. Apart from the ongoing dog filth problem, maintenance is poor. And among the many cuts the Tories on Hedon Council voted for last week was funding for a new powerful gritter. And the decision not to proceed with the proposed shuttle service means that older people on Inmans and Leaf Sail like me will find it difficult to even get out of the house when its icy for fear of a fall!

The shuttle was a great idea, the improvement in traffic and parking problems this would bring would benefit us all. But the Tories say we can’t afford it. I say we can, and we should, afford it !

These cuts along with others like the tree planting scheme, Horsewell Pond etc show the current council leaders are more interested in penny pinching than improving Hedon’s amenities for all the residents.

I have lived in Hedon for many years now. I am a retired accountant with the time and commitment to serve if elected. I have a record of community service and involvement at Hedon Museum and as Chair of Governors at Inmans Primary School for over 10 years.

I’d like you to vote for me to send a strong message to the rest of the council that we care about our town and want to see improvements delivered, not shelved and postponed indefinitely.

Remember you have TWO votes on Feb 6th. Please use them both to vote For STOCKDALE and GALLANT.

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