Election Results South West Holderness Ward since 1995

Drawing on work from The Elections Centre up to 2007 and our own database from 2011 we present the Election Results from the South West Holderness Ward established in 1995.

Lynn C.LD1,84939.1
Suggit A.IND1,48931.5
Galloway B.LAB1,39529.5
Cockbill M.LD1,175
Dickinson J.LAB1,155
Considine J.LAB1,153
Helliwell L.LD960
Clark D IND 573
McArdleIND 331
Turnout: 35.3%
Suggit A.IND1,64030.9
Lynn C.LD1,61430.4
Walker C.LD1,257*
Galloway B.LAB1,04719.7
Overvoorde J.CON1,00719.0
Marshall G.CON980
Goldspink T.LAB907
Norman F.LAB805
Turnout 30.1%
Suggit A.IND1,73439.9
Lynn C.LD1,53435.3
Walker C.LD1,334*
Norman F.IND606
Stockdale B.LAB59913.8
Bottamley R.IND577
Mannering P.CON47410.9
Lazenby P.CON410
Hart J.CON409
Turnout 29.1%
Lynn C.LD1,96337.3
Suggit A.IND1,64531.2
Sloan S.LD1,300
Bryan M.CON1,15621.9
Wilson K.LD1,099
Baldwin A.CON682
Cropper N.CON631
Stockdale B.LAB5049.6
Frayne P.LAB338
Whatmore T.LAB315
Turnout 31.3%
Dennis J.CON1,84635.8
Bryan M.CON1,723*
Suggit A.IND1,52929.6
Stockdale B.LAB1,13021.9
Williams C.LAB1,025
Watts N.LAB916
Sloan S.LD65612.7
Selkirk J.LD619
Lonsdale A.IND568
Wilson K.LD507
Turnout 37.6
Dennis J.CON3,06237.6
Bryan M.CON2,704
Steel S.CON2,368
Black N.LAB2,19026.9
West T.UKIP2,10825.9
Gallant S.LAB1,987
Stockdale BLAB1,815
Rommell S.IND7759.5
Turnout 61.9%
Dennis J.CON1,35919.9
Bryan M.CON1,20316.8
Steel S.CON1,15216.1
Baron J.IND88912.4
Black N.LAB83611.7
Gallant S.LAB79211.0
Langcaster D.LAB5938.3
Rance S.LD3444.8
Turnout 25.9%
Winter D.CON1,30439.9
Gallant S.LAB814 24.9
Grove M.LD62619.1
Baron J.IND52516.1
Turnout 28.8%
Dennis J.CON1,26316.7%
Gallant S.LAB1,12514.8%
Steel S.CON1,09614.5%
Billany C.LAB1,06914.1%
Winter D.CON1,05713.9%
Heslop E.LAB1,02313.5%
Bell A. LD3634.8%
Willie S.LD3194.2%
Tucker D.LD2683.5%
Electorate 11,274 Ballot papers issued 2,729 Turnout 24.21%

Political leadership of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

  • 1995 – 2007 – No overall control.
  • 2007 – 2023 – Conservative
  • 2023 – No overall control (as of 5 May 2023)
    • Conservative 29
    • Liberal Democrats 22
    • Independents 9
    • Labour 4
    • Yorkshire Party 3