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Brian Stockdale – Labour Party Candidate, South West Holderness Ward 2015

Labour Rose.gifBrian Stockdale is a Labour Party Candidate for South West Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Election 2015.

Brian StockdaleI am a retired company accountant, born and educated in Hull, but returned to “my family roots” in Hedon over 30 years ago. For 11 years I was a member, vice chair and Chairman of Governors at a local school.

The reason I am standing for election is to make our councils more fit for purpose to serve our community.

Pavements and footpaths – Get them repaired properly, not patched up, so that they are safe to use. The lack of maintenance is a false economy and dangerous especially for our older residents.

Transport – Improve our rural and local bus services. This would cut car journeys and reduce parking problems.

Social Service – Restore services to their 2010 standards.The Council has cut services so they are no longer fit for purpose. This has resulted in clients being left in need of help. Whether its medical and care services, social clubs for the retired,child and youth services. And these cuts put further stress on our stretched NHS.

Fracking – I oppose the spoiling of our environment, pollution of the land and safety of our water supply all for the private profits of energy companies.

Schools – Ensure our schools are properly funded to maintain upkeep, not allowed to return the shabby condition of the early 90’s Some schools are so underfunded teaching posts are at risk in the new financial year.

Save money on political propaganda. The referendum on Hulls boundaries was a waste of money.

On May 7th please vote for me and my Labour colleagues if you want councillors who will listen and represent the people of this community.

Leaflets issued in support of this candidate:
Local Labour leaflet 1
Local Labour leaflet 2

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  1. Q1 (in two parts). Vehicle Parking and new Housing: Hedon is an ancient borough with a rich heritage to consider, it also has an active constituency of the population that wishes to preserve the town’s green open spaces, so:

    a) How do we meet the modern needs for better vehicle parking provision in the town?

    b) How do meet the demand for more housing and affordable homes in the town?

    Candidates can reply to hedonblog@gmx.com or on the comments which are now open!

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