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You can help…

You can get involved in this Blog. Hedon and other interested folk can help write and publish material about the town.

quillWordPress.com, which powers The Hedon Blog, is a powerful publishing tool that allows several people to write and edit Blog articles at the same time.

The Hedon Blog aims to be a GROUP BLOG with local Hedon people and others posting articles and comments about the things that interest them about the town. If you are from the town and reading this and would like to become an occasional correspondent, a regular author and/or help manage the blog ‘behind the scenes’ then please drop off an e-mail to hedonblog@gmx.com. WordPress explains about adding new users in its support pages.

Of course anyone from anywhere in the world can post a comment on any of the material published or become a Contributor – indeed you are positively welcomed and encouraged to do so.

If you have never ‘blogged’ before, then by becoming a Contributor to The Hedon Blog you can find out about this interesting and fascinating hobby first hand – and WordPress will give you the opportunity to set up your own blog!

The Hedon Blog publishes material about the following subjects/categories: Hedon, East Yorkshire, History (of Hedon and area), Hull, ICT, “Just for Fun”, and UK/International.

There are three major roles that ‘would be’ bloggers can play:


An editor can publish, edit, and delete posts/pages, moderate comments, manage categories, manage tags, manage links and upload files (images, video, audio, polls).


An author can edit, publish and delete their posts only and they can upload files.


A contributor can edit their posts but cannot publish. Once a contributor’s post is approved by an administrator and published, however, it may no longer be edited by the contributor.

Look forward to hearing from you!

4 thoughts on “You can help…

  1. I’d just like to share one of my poems with you


    Hands held up against a cold white wall
    A contrast between here and what was to be
    Slipping mine into yours, closing the coldness of the doors
    For just the time we had, here, just for you and just for me.

    I wanted eternity…………….
    Nothing was around us, no people could we see
    Voices in the distance but not falling to our ears
    For we were together now, so close, so one
    And I lived with you so so many years

    I wanted so many more
    But you were slipping away, even though I still felt the warmth in my hand
    I asked ‘ father what would bring you bliss’
    Just before you faded from me, to your eternity
    Tighening your fingers around mine you replied
    ‘Just this’

  2. Tony – Alas I have a day job so I do not have as much time as I would like to develop the Hedon Blog!

    As for talent – unfortunately not – I mix with lots of web developer types in Hull Digital and quite often they speak a different language to me (although with much passion and enthusiasm)!

    I try to use free and open source software that is available for all to use. If I can encourage people to ‘have a go’ with this – then fantastic! If I can do it – then I can show someone else how to.

    My aim is to get Hedon folk involved – and the flyer will be an attempt to attract a bigger audience – and that should inspire more ambitious activities.

    Thanks for the best wishes; I return them to you for the work you are putting into Pocklington.

    Yes – it is a revolution – at times I do feel quite revolutionary! But one-small-step at a time, eh!

  3. Hiya Ray – well done my friend – you either have a talent for this web based stuff or a lot of free time or both – I suspect both.
    The site looks very pro and you have got to grips with WP and created a very good site here indeed.
    But how do you get people to start using it ? that’s the question – I, like you I think, feel we are at the start of a revolution based on the interactive web – but there are numerous questions to be answered and some that we haven’t yet thought of.
    But it is like the lottery – you have to be in it to win it – and I believe we should start now and enjoy the journey and see where it all leads.
    I’ll try to get to Stoke to continue the conversation, best wishes and keep up the great work.

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