Wish List

LIST ALL YOUR IDEAS for making Hedon a better place to live and work!
You can complete the special form by clicking its image below. You can enter one wish for the town but can always return to enter more.
The Wish List is open from Tuesday 1st December to Sunday 31st January 2010.
For background information on the wish list then look at The Hedon Wish List 2010.

Wishes to date:

A town that doesn’t have dangerous traffic going through its centre!

More things for young people to do.

No more bad smells from Saltend!

Say NO to the incinerator!

More busses for Hedon

A shop that swaps, everything from dvd’s games to furniture and school clothing to prams just anything at all. but not cars

Happy Hour in the pubs!

More car parking facilities.

Better street lighting for Inmans

That all the street lights work!

An annual New Years celebration on Market Hill for the families of Hedon.  The beacon could be lit (Click for more on this).

A new restaurant

Park and Ride

Traffic calming in the centre of Hedon

Decent restaurants and Cafe Bars

No more bad smells from Yorkshire water

A folk dancing class (country dancing ) like we did at school.

Less houses being built.

Local photo competition with “Hedon” as the theme.

Busses: For the no 79 and the 77 not to come together.

A safe play area with play equipment near to – or within – Inmans/ Brevere Rd estate.

More disabled access in shops down the main street (able to take a wheelchair) eg nutmegs, fruit shop,charity shops, pound shop,etc, instead of having to have things shown to you through a window.

Sort out the overgrown and dilapidated football pitch (ex Hedon Rangers) at Drapers Lane so the kids have somewhere to play football. At the moment there is absolutely nowhere for them to have a game of soccer without getting moved on after a few minutes.

A play area for the Inmans Estate.

Sort out the corner of Market Place and Magdellen Gate (outside Stylefinders). Its an accident waiting to happen.Raise the kerb or erect a barrier to stop cars cutting the corner.

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