Neighbourhood Walkabouts and problem reporting

A Neighbourhood Walkabout is where residents and local service providers get together to identify and aim to tackle local neighbourhood problems like blocked drains, graffiti, fly-tipping, broken street lights, etc…..


Fix My Street now and save problems later!

FIX MY STREET is a great website for reporting neighbourhood problems to your local council. But perhaps with the current…


Cleeve Road, Hedon drains problem sorted

AN ONGOING PROBLEM with the drains in Cleeve Road, Hedon has been sorted according to Yorkshire Water. Anita had complained…


Yorkshire Water: Sludge and Sewage issues

YORKSHIRE WATER have again become the targets of complaints from local residents concerned about sludge and sewage issues: SLUDGE: James…


College car park problem – and solution offered!

I‘m a regular user of the South Holderness Technology College car park, both mornings and afternoons. At times (especially Fridays) it can be totally horrendous getting in and out of the car park and I feel that it is an accident waiting to happen…

East Yorkshire UK

FixMyStreet: Reporting, and viewing neighbourhood problems

FixMyStreet is a special website that allows people to easily report neighbourhood problems to a local council – such as…

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