Steve Gallant – Hedon Town Council by-election 2013

Steve Gallant photoSTEVE GALLANT is a candidate standing for Election to Hedon Town Council in the BY-ELECTION held Thursday 25th April 2013.

For those that don’t know me already, I’d like to introduce myself.

I am a local candidate. I live just off Market Hill in the centre of Hedon. My parents and wider family have all lived worked and played here and are still active in the community (you may have met them through South Holderness School, Poppins, or maybe the Methodist Church ?).

After 30 years of success in business as a Director of ITV, HMV and Universal I set up my successful consultancy business Metal Guru (my main client is ASDA). But I now have more time and I would like to put my experience in business and management to good use. I’d like to devote that time to representing the people of Hedon.

I gather my standing as a Labour candidate is viewed as controversial by some as the council is dominated by independents (even though some are in fact Conservatives). My view is, that as I am a long standing member of the Labour Party, it is only honest and open of me to stand as such. Moreover, if Conservative views are represented on the Council, I think it only fair that those residents of a different view have a voice too.

So I stand as a Labour Party candidate, but would welcome the support of people of all persuasions as I believe I am the best qualified candidate.

I know that Hedon Town Council does only have limited direct responsibilities often in quite uncontroversial areas. But the Town Council is our most direct influence on decisions that the County Council can impose on areas that do DIRECTLY AFFECT us – like schools, jobs and housing and planning. And the Town Council also needs to represent us all in dealing with Hull and other agencies like Yorkshire Water. So I don’t agree that the Town Council is non-political – it is our local voice !

Schools – With the Tory Governments massive cuts to Local Government spending being enthusiastically implemented by the East Riding huge damage is being inflicted on services. Village schools are next in their firing line. If Paull and Burstwick close the children will have to go to Hedon’s schools, meaning bigger class sizes for Hedon children.

Development and Jobs – Hedon has grown dramatically in the last 40 -50 years and that has on the whole been good for the town. But issues like flooding, household insurance and housing needs have to be addressed, which the current approach of “No Developments Here!” will not do.

So I believe a more constructive stance on future development should bring improvements in areas we need like drainage as well as jobs and homes. Investment in development plans will provide well paid jobs and more income for local businesses.

I hope you will agree with me that this byelection for Hedon Town Council gives us the opportunity to send a message that we want a more pro-active voice for Hedon, on the Council and to the East Riding and I hope you will come out and vote for me on Thursday April 25th .

Steve Gallant

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