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Terry WEST, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

TERRY WEST is a candidate standing for Election to Hedon Town Council in the BY-ELECTION held Thursday 6th February 2014.

Terry WestI stand as a UKIP candidate so hopefully people will know where I stand on national issues, as a town councillor candidate my interests would only be within the remit of local interests.

As far as the controversial resignations let us hope that all of the new and existing councillors will work together for the greater good of Hedon, which in my opinion is why the post exists, to serve the people of the community.

I have been in business in Hedon for the last 24 years and in that time I have worked for thousands of Hedon residents who know me well. I have lived in Hedon for 32 years and have a comprehensive knowledge of local issues; combined with my practical knowledge of construction and design I believe that my pragmatic approach would help deliver better services and infrastructure to the residents of Hedon.

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Could comments under this page be restricted to questions to the candidate please.

The Hedon Blog can’t guarantee the candidate will give an answer to your question. The election period is obviously a busy time for all the candidates.

1 thought on “Terry WEST, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

  1. Good to see that even as a member of the Ukip party Terry recognises this is not the place for debating national issues , As a proper working class guy i like the sound of him and feel as a resident of many years he will understand the issues involved in running a town council , I think terry will be my first choice on the ballet paper.

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