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Stephen John GALLANT, Labour Party Candidate

STEVE GALLANT is a candidate standing for Election to Hedon Town Council in the BY-ELECTION held Thursday 6th February 2014.

Steve Gallant photoIsn’t is about time this town council got a wake up call ? I think so.

Apart from the fiasco and feuds that have divided it, the remaining councillors have slashed many projects planned to improve Hedon and its amenities, for the sake of keeping their friends in East Riding happy.

Tory led East Riding grant Hedon £13k, that’s less than £2/head – but only if we don’t spend any money on improving the town. Budgets for tree planting, restoring Horsewell Pond, Disabled access and a planned shuttle service to the whole of Hedon were all slashed to make sure we keep in Beverley’s good books.

It’s short sighted, unsustainable and irresponsible.

145 other town and parish councils in East Riding are going without Beverley’s money and setting their own budget to meet their needs. But in Hedon, for the sake of 12p a week per household our council have “postponed” indefinitely these and other projects. Including work that could address our traffic and parking issues NOW!

It may not be so surprising when we have several Tories masquerading as independents on the Council that they prioritise cuts over investment. But I don’t believe they are putting the best interests of Hedon’s future first Just 10p a week would generate £11,000 funding for improvements. I think they have their priorities wrong and I want you to help me send that message.

I live in the heart of Hedon, off Market Hill. My family all live in Hedon, having moved here almost 40 years ago from East Hull. I have over 30 years of business experience including managing multi million pound businesses for ITV, HMV, Universal and ASDA. Now I run my own successful consultancy from Hedon but only work part time. – so I have the time to devote to the role of representing the people of Hedon. I also think my business experience makes me the best qualified candidate to effect changes.

To show that we want to see some vision for our town, some investment in its amenities and future: to make the council more responsible and responsive please, whatever your political persuasion please vote for me, Steve GALLANT on Feb 6th

And don’t forget you get TWO VOTES, so please vote GALLANT and STOCKDALE.

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