Colin BILLANY, Independent

COLIN BILLANY is a candidate standing for Election to Hedon Town Council in the BY-ELECTION held Thursday 6th February 2014.

Colin BillanyI have always lived in the East Riding. I grew up in Thorngumbald and attended South Holderness School, and I have lived in Hedon with my wife since 1987 where we have successfully raised our four daughters through the local schools. I have worked in engineering and after redundancy I have retrained in the social care sector. I am currently caring full time for my wife.

I am standing as an Independent because I feel that there is no place for national politics in local politics. I will stand for the everyday person, no matter what political views they have. I will not judge people and am willing to listen to any problems no matter how big or small. I do not have any hidden agendas or outside interests that may affect my role in being a councillor.

One of my aims is to bring the Town Council back to the community by making it more accessible. After last years infighting people see the council as a group of people looking after their interest and not the community of Hedon.

I will try to be the voice of the community in the decision making process of the Council.

Supporting the small businesses in Hedon to keep them trading and keeping Hedon the vibrant East Yorkshire Town it is today.

Protect the important green areas from being developed in the future, if possible working with housing developers to find land to build new properties within Hedon’s town boundaries.

Work with agencies to protect Hedon from future flooding.

Using Alexandra Hall better and making it the community hall it was built for, by allowing all members of the community to use the hall for functions, events and meetings of clubs of all ages.

Promote the history of Hedon to a wider audience especially now that Hull will be the City of Culture in 2017.

Promote and try to improve road safety in all areas of Hedon.

To work with East Riding Council to provide more drop curbs and litter bins in and around Hedon. Also to provide more disabled parking in the centre of Hedon as being a carer I’ve noticed that there are only around 8 spaces in the car parks, and none around the doctors.

Keeping the pressure on Yorkshire Water to stop the odour returning.

I will be campaigning on being open and honest and being independent from national policies that may cloud local issues.

I will be the everyday person’s voice on the council with your vote.

So Vote Colin Billany on the 6th February. Vote Independence. Don’t waste your vote and then complain about the council!!

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4 thoughts on “Colin BILLANY, Independent

  1. Too right Colin on so many levels, I had at one point looked at the local council myself but found it was a handful of people just passing the seats and the Mayorship between themselves and ‘don’t bother’ if you were outside the circle.

    Alexandra hall has so many possibitiies however, from what I’ve seen on the occasions I would have liked the use it, it was cheaper to go outside of Hedon!

    I know your situation and the need for accessible parking for disabled persons and it is poor, the situation is mad worse by the area around the doctors surgeries, especially Church View being swamped with vehicles from The Wednesday market stall holders and nursery visitors.

    The odour from the water plant, well, not sure thats ever going to disappear altogether but you can but try.

  2. This all sounds very sensible and echoes exactly what I blogged previously regarding the intrusion of political belief at local council level. The people of Hedon do not take kindly to being used as pawns, whether politically or with this ridiculous infighting!

    1. Hi Lucy – As you’re becoming a regular on the comments, could you use your full name please 🙂

      Also, just a reminder that a candidate’s page is preferably just for questions. Thanks.

      Regards. Ray
      PS: Note for Neil as well – regarding questions preferably please.

  3. Well said Colin , hope you are going to produce a leaflet as some of the others have, seems a little unfair when those standing are members of a political party they get lots of support from the election machine . Just hoping you can get your message heard …get out their and make them listen.

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