Elections 2021 – Candidates and Results



Not elected:
Turnout: 28.81%

Postal Votes issued 1,548 of which 1,126 were returned (34.31% of votes).

Election Results from South West Holderness Ward from 1995 – 2021.


Not elected:
Turnout: 27.60%

Postal Votes issued 1,416 of which 1,013 were returned (32.23% of votes).


Elected:First preferencesSecond preferences
JONATHAN EVISON (CON)71,5547,98079,534
Not elected:
KEITH HUNTER (LAB & COOP)61,8599,75671,615
BOB MORGAN (LIB DEM) 23,640 Eliminated
Turnout: 22.92%

First Count:

JONATHAN EVISONConservatives71,55445.6%Remaining
KEITH HUNTERLabour & Cooperative61,85939.4%Remaining
BOB MORGANLiberal Democrats23,64015%
Liberal Democrats Bob MORGAN is eliminated. Second preferences will be counted.


South West Holderness by-election Thursday 6 May. East Riding of Yorkshire Council.



I have lived in South West Holderness for 41 years. Brought up in Paull and currently living in Hedon. I am the candidate that knows the area and its people the best. I have the drive and ambition to help South West Holderness adapt, flourish, and meet the many changes it currently faces. I am independent of any political party and will work hard to ensure the views, worries and ambitions of the people of South West Holderness are heard in local government.

My pledges to you:

  • POLITICS – I will work for YOU. Not a political party. I will work hard for all the residents in South West Holderness.
  • WELL-BEING – I believe that community areas should be maintained to a good standard so that they can be enjoyed by everyone. I will work tirelessly to ensure that we have excellent parks, playgrounds, and sporting areas that can be enjoyed by everyone, aiding both physical and mental well-being. I will work in tandem with NHS key stakeholders to develop and maintain excellent service.
  • CRIME & ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR – I pledge to work with all community partners to try and reduce crime in all areas of the ward. I will address concerns regarding ASB, dog fouling, fly tipping and litter. I will not shy away from tackling these issues robustly. I will be a visible presence in the area.
  • COUNCIL TAX – I will ensure that you receive the level of service you expect from paying council tax. I will hold the council to task over the way your money is spent.
  • VISIBILITY – I will hold monthly surgeries and will always be available to discuss any matter with the electorate.
  • CHANGE – I will work with community groups and developers as the area adapts to change. I will ensure that the area is given the best opportunity to prosper while retaining its special individuality. Now is not the time for empty, fruitless promises by those that want to be elected. It is time for a realistic approach that addresses everybody’s opinions, wishes and concerns.
  • Hot Topic 1 – I am the only candidate who has lived in the area since birth. The Conservative candidate has been parachuted in from the coast and the Lib Dem candidate also does not live in the Ward. How can they fully know the issues faced in South West Holderness if they do not live in the area.

    Hot Topic 2 – Labour do not hold one seat at County Hall. The Lib Dems are ready to be overtaken in numbers at County Hall by Independents. I want your help to be part of that growing Independent voice in Local Politics. Working hard for South West Holderness not a political party.

    Hot Topic 3 – I fully support the calls for a bypass to alleviate traffic issues in Hedon and Preston.

    Hot Topic 4 – I am a local football coach and trustee of a local sports centre. This area is a hot bed for sport. For too long the local councils have ignored sport and recreation in this area. It is my ambition that every part of the Ward will have sport and recreation areas to be proud of.

    Hot Topic 5 – I am committed to work with all local councils to ensure meetings are either streamed or recorded live for viewing later. I will also ensure councils hold more public participation sessions. I want the workings of councils to be more inclusive.

    Hot Topic 6 – I will work with councils to reduce the money they keep in reserve and spend more council tax money on making the area a better place to live. I will also work with councils to improve their cost-effectiveness.

    “As an independent I will not be controlled by any political party and promise to give you 100% representation.” – James Baron

    Contact James by email hedon80@me.com or by telephone 07988 194 956. You can message James via Facebook at Independent Views – Politics in SWH. You can Tweet James at @newpolicyvoice.



    Steve lives in Hedon, which his family moved to almost 50 years ago. He retired early after a long career in the music and TV business, having been Commercial Director at Universal Music, HMV and ITV Studios in his last three roles. As Chair of the Governors at Holderness Academy and a Board Member at Hull Truck Theatre he is fully involved in the local community.

    Steve has been a Town Councillor in Hedon for 6 years and been the Mayor of Hedon twice. As Councillor he led the planning of VE75 and Armistice Centenary celebrations. He persuaded the council to adopt his proposal for a Hedon/Preston bypass. Currently, he chairs the Climate Change Working Group aiming to make Hedon Town Council Carbon Neutral by 2030.

    Steve says: “I will be a campaigning County Councillor for you. This area has long been neglected by Beverley. We face increasing risks from flooding and the environment will be top of my agenda. And the long-standing traffic problems need a long term solution – a bypass for Preston and Hedon to take all the North-South traffic away from our high streets.

    “When Matthew Grove closed Hedon Police Station, I campaigned hard to get it re-opened. Keith Hunter, the Police Commissioner said ‘After Hedon Police Station was closed under my predecessor as PCC, Steve worked tirelessly making the case to me for it to be re-opened, which I managed to do, with Community and Response Officers now stationed there. No-one could be a better representative for your area!”

    “I will be a full-time Councillor for you and a listening advocate for you – holding regular surgeries to answer your questions and be accountable. I have the experience and passion to be an effective voice for South West Holderness.”



    Matthew Grove is probably best known for his role as the first Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner. He has lived and worked in Holderness for over 30 years – working first in local government and then running his own business.

    He’s been a parish councillor, a school governor, and served six years on the East Riding Council as well as four years as Humberside’s Police and Crime Commissioner. Since joining the Liberal Democrats, he has been campaigning for a better deal for Holderness.

    Matthew said: “I’ve always been driven by a determination to stand up to unfairness. I think the way in which the Beverley-based Conservatives put the interests of developers ahead of the need for proper roads and consulting and listening to residents is appalling. People need to be put first and not the interests of one party or another. I am particularly angry at the way in which the need for decent roads and services are ignored in favour of cramming huge industrial developments in and around Hedon, Paull and Preston.

    “The Massive Hedon Energy Works should never have even got off the starting blocks, as it was not even in the Local Plan. The recently approved ABP industrial development with a poor spur road will add to the congestion on Hedon Road. Preston traffic lights junction has been screaming out for a bypass for 30 years but nothing gets done. Holderness Conservatives have let down the local residents. People need to be put first and not the interests of developers.”

    Matthew’s Agent Councillor David Nolan, said: “Labour has never won in South West Holderness for over 25 years. Whereas until recently, the Liberal Democrats held two of the three seats in the ward. Local people still remember fondly the hard work and dedication of Lib Dem councillors Carole Lynn and Carole Walker over many years. The recently approved ABP Hedon Haven industrial scheme is a raw wound, especially in and around Paull. From what we are hearing on the doorstep, the Conservatives decision to select someone who worked for ABP in a senior role for 36 years, has backfired badly. ”

    Contact: Matthew Grove Mobile: 07341 291 820. Email: pcc.matthewgrove@gmail.com.



    My name is David Winter and I am the Conservative Ward Councillor candidate for the forthcoming by election in South West Holderness.

    I have lived and worked in the Holderness area all my life and recently after a thirty-six-year career working for Associated British Ports, in a variety of positions, I took early retirement to pursue other interests.

    On a personal note, I have been a Parish Councillor for twenty-five years which has included the last eighteen as Chairman. Having the experience and knowledge that I have has enabled me to understand and solve many important issues for residents very quickly which has always been appreciated by those concerned. In my time as a Parish Councillor, and serving on other committees, I have acquired a good knowledge of the issues in Holderness and in particular the area of South West Holderness.

    I am looking forward to meeting you and discussing your local concerns but due to the pandemic this is not possible at the moment. However, once the restrictions are eased, I will be keen to meet you and listen to your views, opinions and issues that matter to you.

    If elected I will, together with my Conservative colleagues, work very hard on your behalf addressing and solving the issues of the day to the best of my ability.

    David Winter (please feel free to contact me): Telephone: 07971 827151. Email: tedwinter22@yahoo.co.uk.


    We asked readers to submit questions to the candidates in the hope there would be enough to prompt a hustings event. However, we only received 7 questions from 6 people which we reproduce here with the answers from the candidates: Make Your Mind Up Time!

    South West Holderness Results from previous full election 2019.

    Hedon Town Council by-election Thursday 6 May

    Result of uncontested Election:

    Ben Hanson – Labour Party

    Carl Minns – Liberal Democrat

    Police & Crime Commissioner for Humberside election Thursday 6 May


    Jonathan Evison – Conservative Party

    Keith Hunter – Labour and Cooperative Party

    Bob Morgan – Liberal Democrats

    South East Holderness by-election Thursday 6 May. East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

    Candidates (1 vacancy):

    • Dave Edwards – Liberal Democrats
    • Ricky Hoggards – Yorkshire Party
    • Claire Amanda Holmes – Conservative Party
    • James Lewis Ireland – Labour Party
    • Rich Kelly – Reform UK

    Polling stations will look different because of the need to be COVID-19 secure. Sanitiser will be available to use before and after voting. Face masks will need to be worn. Staff will be behind screens. You are recommended to bring your own pen or pencil to clearly mark your ballot papers. Polling stations will be open from 7am – 10pm.

    You can arrange to have a postal vote. The deadline to apply is 5pm on Tuesday 20 April.

    You can arrange a proxy vote. This is where a person casts your vote on your behalf. The deadline to apply is 5pm on Tuesday, 27 April.

    An ‘emergency’ proxy vote can only be applied for after 5pmsix working days before the election, for those who could not have applied for an ordinary proxy earlier because of unforeseen health or work reasons. 

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