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Neil Whitelam – British National Party

What are your views on the building of a waste burning incinerator at Saltend near Hedon?

Unlike the other candidates i actually live in South Holderness and i have lived here all my life in Keyingham.

That means this incinerator directly effects me, my family, my friends my neighbours and residents.

I was in charge of our areas last landfill at Kelsey Hill Burstwick in 1994, even back then landfill space was running out.

Households in our area are expected to grow by 30% so we have to find a solution to waste.

Fact ! South Westerly prevailing winds blow over our homes that means we are in the fall out area of any pollution ,we have enough pollution blowing into our faces from the South Bank.- we don’t need to add to the problem and that means NO! to the incinerator at Saltend –

If we need incineration then  the coast or the sea is the location were the wind will disperse any threat of pollutants away from urban areas.

They said the sewage farm would not smell? but it does.  They say an incinerator poses no threat to health – REMEMBER Caper Pass ?

I say we are not ignorant country folk – we are not expendable and were not to be exploited for profit.

If elected, then what will be the major changes you would like to bring about that would improve lives of people living in the towns of Hedon, Preston and Paull? What difference would you hope to make as an MP?

The services we receive is not reflected in the amount of council tax we pay. Now our money is good as anyone’s, yet we are palmed off with ( no disrespect to those who work and serve in these occupations) part time services –

part time police , part time fire stations, part time ambulance cover, our limited service hospitals are under constant threat of closure.

Why is it always Holderness i.e South east Holderness gets saddled with the sewage works , the incinerators ? because no one cares, we are deemed a little people – unimportant. our little scarcely populated corner of Britain is expendable , we are sacrificial lambs.

Never the less we are still citizens , we pay our taxes and make our contributions. No more will we be ignored, we want a bigger slice of the cake – we are not to be pushed around and bullied- as your MP that is were i come in, for i will not be bullied and pushed around i will defend and fight your battles in Westminster , i will be heard i will not be ignored.

I will be based in South Holderness – i will be approachable – i will listen and i will act and give you the representation you deserve.

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