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Ian Saunders – Labour Party

What are your views on the building of a waste burning incinerator at Saltend near Hedon?

My main concern is that the developers are not using the latest technology. If it is to be built then it should be the latest, cleanest and safest technology.

As a country and region we are running out of landfill space. Alternatives have to be found. We need to drastically reduce the amount of waste we need to get rid of. I am extremely critical of the supermarkets and the amount of packaging they use.

However, even if we reduced to a minimum the amount of waste we would still have vast amounts to deal with.

Incineration is a good way of dealing with it IF the latest, cleanest and safest technology is used. If this is combined with a combined heat and power station then electricity for the immediate area could be provided cheaper. Also, heat can be used to heat local buildings saving those buildings major costs.

Ideally, local authorities should be the major shareholder, thereby ensuring that local people’s views are taken on board. Financially, there should be some payback to the local taxpayer.

If elected, then what will be the major changes you would like to bring about that would improve lives of people living in the towns of Hedon, Preston and Paull? What difference would you hope to make as an MP?

The whole of Beverley and Holderness has suffered through a major lack of inward investment. It has been taken for granted by the Tories for too long. A major part of an MPs job is to work to bring this inward investment to the area. We will see massive investment in new green jobs in the next few years. A Labour Government is committed to creating 400,000 new green jobs. I want to make sure Beverley & Holderness benefits from some of those jobs.

Also, I will protect and improve our local Sure Starts so as to give our children the best start in life. The Tories have said they will cut the Sure Start budget which would see all the 4 centres in this area close.

A priority for me is to ensure we improve the way we look after our older people. Labour are committed to introducing a National Care Service which will be free at the point of use.

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