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Graham Stuart – Conservative Candidate

What are your views on the building of a waste burning incinerator at Saltend near Hedon?

I am opposed to the proposed incinerator at Saltend. I founded and was the first Chairman of HOTI (Hull and Holderness Opposed to the Incinerator). I  brought together people from across the different parties to work to stop the incinerator and I’m proud of the work that everyone has done.

We need to stop landfilling so much waste but need to find greener alternatives to burning it, especially at plants which don’t use the heat created such as the one proposed here. The earth’s resources are finite and we must make best use of what we’ve got through greater recycling and the development of newer, more efficient technologies.

If elected, then what will be the major changes you would like to bring about that would improve lives of people living in the towns of Hedon, Preston and Paull? What difference would you hope to make as an MP?

Labour’s irresponsible spending has put the whole country at risk so the most important thing I can do for local people is to support a Conservative government in tackling the deficit. Government income this year is £540 billion and expenditure over £700 billion. That’s like a family income in Hedon of £12,000 with spending of £16,000. Labour want to go on borrowing more and more money putting jobs, houses and our future security at risk. If you wouldn’t put your family in the mire, don’t let Gordon Brown do it for you.

My top local objectives are to tackle the unfair funding of local schools and healthcare compared to other areas. It is a scandal that Hull receives 50% more funding for health per head than the East Riding. We need to give control back to local communities on things like planning and regeneration and, most of all, giving rural areas a fair deal.

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