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Bill Rigby – Green Party

What are your views on the building of a waste burning incinerator at Saltend near Hedon?

I am totally opposed to this proposal.  The technology is outmoded, there is no market for the waste heat, the local transport network will be overstretched to feed the monster, and it gives all the wrong signals to recycling waste initiatives.

If elected, then what will be the major changes you would like to bring about that would improve lives of people living in the towns of Hedon, Preston and Paull? What difference would you hope to make as an MP?

Trends in the last generation have all led to a reduction of the vitality of the community, and destruction of its economic base.  Greens would give high priority to arresting this decline.  The following points are all on this theme:

Promotion of schemes which would encourage small business and other entrepreneurial activity in the area.

Improvements to the local transport system.

Promote a change in farming methods in the region.  Farmers are dependent for their profit on high inputs of pesticides and fertilisers, high subsidies and very intensive practices.  All these are avoidable, and Greens would move towards a more locally based model, where production would be focussed on local markets, more sustainable practices less dependent on oil based inputs and subsidies.  The aim would be to increase livelihood, not only for farmers, but local providers of infrastructure services and labour.

Campaign for a change of view from the Environment Agency regarding flood prevention policy.  The EA approach to the irresponsible policy of “managed retreat” is completely without logical or economic justification for this region.  A review of the impact of coastal processes and sea level rise is needed as a matter of urgency, in order to increae public understanding of future prospects for the next generation. Letting the sea take over such valuable land is a policy of folly.

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