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Election 2010

GRAHAM STUART HAS BEEN RE-ELECTED as the Member of Parliament for the Beverley and Holderness constituency.

The results of the 6th May 2010 poll are as follows:

  • Graham StuartConservative – 25,063
  • Craig DobsonLiberal Democrats – 12,076
  • Ian SaundersLabour Party – 11,224
  • Neil WhitelamBritish National Party – 2,080
  • Andy HorsfieldUnited Kingdom Independence Party – 1,845
  • Bill RigbyGreen Party – 686
  • Ron HughesIndependent – 225

Majority 12,987 (24.4%)

Turnout 53,199 (66.8%)


THIS WILL BE the first UK general election fought in the glare of millions of people using the internet and social networking.

The tiniest details of policies, campaigns and candidates can be made available to all those that choose to seek them.

E-democracy is here and citizens using the internet can help shape the looming election campaign and participate like never before!

The Hedon Blog hopes to play a neutral part in the local Beverley and Holderness election campaign with the mission to ensure that Hedon and its political, economic and social issues are not overlooked. Through this Blog it is hoped that local residents will have another route to put questions directly to the political candidates with opportunities given for them to respond.

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There are some useful non-political party sources of information that those following the General Election might find useful:

Wikipedia and Politics.co.uk both give basic information about the constituency and previous elections (not always up to date!).

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The Voter Power Index gives an indication of how ‘powerful’ your vote is compared to the national average.

The Straight Choice website will feature election leaflets that people have scanned in and sent to them. See the election leaflets and adverts circulated in Hedon to date. Election Champion wants people to send photos of billboards. And the Democracy Club is attempting to pull together information about candidates and issues.

Another interesting website is Vote for Policies which makes it easy to compare what six UK political parties are promising to do. Who Gets My Vote? is a similar site run with the support of ITV News.

Candidates (notified to Hedon Blog to date):

Craig DobsonLiberal Democrat Candidate

Andy HorsfieldUnited Kingdom Independence Party Candidate

Ron Hughes – Independent

Bill RigbyGreen Party Candidate

Ian Saunders Labour Party Candidate

Graham StuartConservative Party Candidate

Neil Whitelam – British National Party

More on the candidates is available here.

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