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Extreme Heat Weather Warnings Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (17-19 July 2022)

Image is the Met Office website screen shot Friday July 15 11am …. THE MET OFFICE has issued EXTREME HEAT WEATHER WARNINGS for SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY (17-19 July 2022).

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Hedon Winter Salting Review requested

At its last Emergency Planning Committee meeting, Hedon Town Council agreed to put in a request to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) to conduct a winter salting review for the town.


It’s snowing! Share your photos with us

If you’ve taken some good photos this morning, then do share them with us.


Storm Des fells Hedon Christmas Tree – and raised by Hedon’s Des!

The Christmas Tree had blown over during the night in the high winds – a victim of Storm Desmond. But it was soon back to its former glory as the result of another ‘Desmond’, as Hedon Mayor Councillor Neil Black expains…


Ice? Snow? Who are you gonna call? – Grit Squad!

Leaf Sail resident Aly Smith has contacted us with his wonderful idea of forming a local Hedon Grit Squad and we’re delighted to support his initiative…

Council News

Gritting map of Hedon

THE GRITTING of main roads by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been taking place to offset the impacts of the current icy road conditions. In Hedon and Preston this…

Council News

Welly-wearing Mayor proof of pond!

The Mayor’s Wellies! Whilst treading around on flood duties, the Mayoral wellies visited the site of Hedon’s ancient pond yesterday…


Precautionary Flood Alerts issued

THOSE SIGNED up to the Environment Agency’s Flood Warnings Direct service will have received phone calls, text messages or e-mail alerts yesterday about possible floods….


Brief update flooding issues

FOR THOSE concerned about the local flooding issues and news…


Take care in the wind… and a puzzle!

IT’S BLOWY out there folks! Take care in the high winds….


Met Office rain and wind alert

A YELLOW ALERT for heavy rain in our area has been issued by the Met Office….

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