Blog Action Day on Human Rights – Amnesty International

“blogging can reach endlessly more readers than old-fashioned technology allowed” – Salil Shetty


#BAD13 Wed 16th October – Hyperlocal Hedon Blog goes global for Human Rights!

FOR the 5th year running the Hedon Blog will be taking part in Blog Action Day

Hedon Local News Hub

Talk About Local ‘un-conference’ #TAL13

THE HEDON BLOGGER is attending #TAL13 on Saturday 28th September 2013. This is a gathering of hyperlocal website folk from across the UK


Wednesday Writings – Sleep well young soldier…

You fought bravely and with honour died,
You leave your family so full of pride,….


Floral tribute to murdered soldier

Towns and villages across the country have been implored to join in with a ‘Protest of Flowers’ over the murder of soldier Drummer Lee Rigby…


Blog Action Day 2012 – “The Power of We”

MONDAY 15th OCTOBER 2012 is the day when Bloggers from all over the world will unite in writing about one…


Wednesday Writings – Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel by David Osgerby I would be your guardian angel; I would keep watch over you, if I thought…


Wednesday Writings – Combine Harvester

COMBINE HARVESTER by David Osgerby The field mouse is an endangered species. it lives in fields, and is especially fond…


Wednesday Writings – STUBBLE

STUBBLE by David Osgerby The harvest home, only stubble now remains. The wheat is in, and farmers give thanks for…


Hollywood Hedon?

HEDON IS A UNIQUE TOWN that perhaps deserves a wider audience – literally! Hedon has a peculiar urban/rural mix; it…


Hedon Blog joins international protest today

THE US SENATE is to have a vote on its PROTECT IP / STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT on Tuesday 24th…

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