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Neil Black – Labour Party Candidate, South West Holderness Ward 2015

Neil Black is a Labour Party Candidate for South West Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Election 2015.

Labour Rose.gifMy family and I have served our community for the past thirty years. Myself as a non political member of Hedon Town Council, leaving politics with its shenanigans and the verbal chicanery to others.

Neil Black webHowever, I am now so incensed by the present government’s contempt for our country’s democracy with its acquiescence to the banking sector and the multinational conglomerates, all at the expense of ordinary people’s deteriorating living standards. For this reason I now find it necessary to enter the murky waters of politics to enable me to affect change in my community.

County Councils throughout our country are being constrained by government policy, which are in fact policies prescribed by undemocratically elected organisations that are the power behind the throne. (The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlement, Central Banks, The Federal Reserve and the Bank of England)

The Conservative Government slavishly follows these prescriptions imposed by the very organisations that created the economic chaos in the first place.

The government complies with these prescriptions without question forcing stringent austerity measures that penalise the people who have had the least influence in the systems failure, the unemployed and the low paid while the Bankers get richer. Austerity economics not only cause hardship, it’s also ludicrously counter-productive.

Is our democracy being eroded in favour of the Banks and multinational conglomerates?

Taking into consideration the iniquitous constraints imposed by the Conservative Government together with the political disparity of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, (see table below) I would like to offer my time and energy as your Labour Candidate for the South West Holderness Ward on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in the forthcoming elections on 7th May 2015, with the fervent hope and belief that a more politically balanced county council would help to suppress our diminishing democracy.

I would also like to retain my place on the Hedon Town Council as a town representative and so I will be standing for both Hedon and South West Holderness in the forthcoming elections.

During my thirty year period as a Hedon Town Councillor there have been significant changes. New legislation is effectively reducing the influence of Parish and Town Councils with more and more power given over to the higher authority, despite assurances to the contrary. Town and Parish Councils do have a real part to play in our community. If elected I promise to do my utmost to prevent Hedon and South West Holderness degenerating into an over developed dormitory for Hull, blighted by national and international conglomerates tearing the heart out of our community.

Of course I recognise we need to create opportunities for business to prosper and to provide housing for local people. This can be achieved if Parish and Town Councils are given more autonomy in their respective areas. I believe this can be done without decimating what we in South West Holderness hold dear.

I genuinely care about South West Holderness and I ’m prepared to fight for it and its people.

Political Parties – East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Conservative Group 48
Labour Group 6
Independent Group 4
Non-political members 4
Liberal Democrat Group 3
UK Independence Party 1
Independent Conservative 1
Total 67

Leaflets issued in support of this candidate:
Local Labour leaflet 1
Local Labour leaflet 2
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4 thoughts on “Neil Black – Labour Party Candidate, South West Holderness Ward 2015

  1. Neil Black has asked in an email sent yesterday (6th May 2015):

    What would the Conservative Party do with Hedon Race Course if they controlled Hull City Council?

  2. Q1 (in two parts). Vehicle Parking and new Housing: Hedon is an ancient borough with a rich heritage to consider, it also has an active constituency of the population that wishes to preserve the town’s green open spaces, so:

    a) How do we meet the modern needs for better vehicle parking provision in the town?

    b) How do meet the demand for more housing and affordable homes in the town?

    Candidates can reply to hedonblog@gmx.com or on the comments which are now open!

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