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Advertising: In efforts to generate some income to improve what the Hedon Blog and www.hu12.net websites can offer in the area, then some limited advertising opportunities will be available over on HU12. Those who advertise on HU12 will get their sponsorship acknowledged on the Hedon Blog.

There is still a free business listing service over on HU12 also – see Business Page.

Website design: The Hedon Blog and HU12 both use free blogging software that is easy to set-up, design and use. If your group wants its own free-to-operate website, then we might be able to help you. We can help you set up your website and show you how to update it and share your content with others.

The websites are free, but a fee will be charged for a 2-hour session to get it up and running and to coach you in using your software. But in return for that fee, you will continue to get support for up to 6-months or until you don’t need help anymore.

Helping put the pieces together

Consultancy: Founding and maintaining a hyperlocal website involves developing and honing particular skills. There are technical, community, ‘audience’ development and journalism skills to learn. But above all, it takes time!

It takes time – months, perhaps even years – to acquire the skills and experience necessary to manage a hyperlocal website.  However, having the assistance of someone who has been through that process, just might speed things up!

So… If you have a project idea; for example, if you want to develop a company Blog or a website aimed at a particular community, then the Hedon Blogger just might be able to help through consultancy advice and assistance!

If you want to find out more, then e-mail Ray Duff at the hedonblog@gmx.com.

Examples of Blogs that can be customised to your needs: